“I believe that art is the simplest way to express my inner emotions. I work with nostalgia and socio-environment activities. I am interested in the conceptual dimension of art, working in what really appeals to me. I have always been inclined to paint, draw capture moment and sculpt. I found that through my art I could communicate and form relationships with people who viewed and looked at my works. I belong from a non-artist family where it is very much difficult for a healthy art practice. And as a girl child is it too tough to fight for your own feelings with your family and also with the society. In my master’s programme I have lots of plan, to accomplish those plans I need financial help to sustain my art practice in future. As I am concerned with the social environment in my art practice here I can share one of my recent plans. This is an installation-based work with prints which evacuate the current situation of plastic pollution in our society”. –Debangona Paul