ASUDEV: Pre-Centenary Digital Retrospective presentation

17 January 2017: Gauhati Artists’Guild

As a son it is a great feeling to be able to showcase the works and talk about my father! I am thankful to Gauhati Artists’ Guild a pioneer Art organisation of which my father was a founder member for arranging the presentation.I am looking forward to a good gathering of well wishers,admirers and students of Art and Media on  Sunday the 17 January 2016 at the Gauhati Artists’ Guild, Chandmari, Guwahati premises.
The last few days was hectic as I photographed all my father’s paintings in my collection at home. These are my prized possession and I am much contented that the art works are still as fresh as it was left back in 1983.

The Digital Retrospective of his works, presented on Sunday 17 January 2016, received a good response by the new generation of artists who were taken through the artistic lifetime through the Art works and was warmly received. There were also some old friends of my father who made it to the show, and shared their association with my father and some nostalgic memories…  

The presentation is an opening announcement of the Centenary Year of the artist beginning on 13 December 2016,  with plans for some programs coming up during the Centenary year with a year long events culminating on 13 December 2017.  

My work on bringing out A 300 pages all color Autobiography  ‘Life and Times of ASUDEV’ is already under production and will be a part of the centenary year celebrations…!